Shea Butter Benefits for Natural Hair

Shea Butter for Hair

Over the past decade, more women have decided to give up the creamy crack (pun intended) and return to naturalness.

The move to natural hair comes with lots of questions. Questions like: How do I transition, what should I expect, how do I care for my hair and many more.

First thing you need to know is your natural hair needs to be hydrated and nourished. Hydration helps prevent breakage and nourishing treatments keep itchy scalp and dandruff at bay.

Hence the saying to care for natural hair you need to be patient; but not to worry your patience will be rewarded.

Next you will need to decide on if you are going for the big chop or a gradual trim – also known as the transition. The big chop means you cut off all the relaxed hair. While the transition is gradually trimming the relaxed ends of your hair.

 To nourish and hydrate your hair we recommend the following:

  • Spray your hair twice a day with a mixture of spring water and SheaBliss Natural Shea oil.  The oil allows your hair to retain moisture. For nourishing treatments we recommend hair masks twice a month, incorporating our natural unrefined Shea butter into your hair mask.
  • When selecting a shampoo it’s better to choose a shampoo without parabens, silicones and sulphites as they can prevent any nutritive actions and can be harmful to your scalp.
  • After shampooing, blot your hair and immediately nourish it with your unscented whipped Shea butter.

 Our unscented whipped Shea butter makes twisting your hair a breeze with perfect curly definition as an end result. Twisting your hair protects it and keeps it from getting tangled. It also helps keep your hair supple and hydrated.

Points to remember, drying your hair with a hair dryer can break it. You should wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf every night. Cotton and other synthetic fabrics promote moisture loss.


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