How to treat Dry Skin

Main causes of dry skin and how to keep your skin moisturised.

A lot of people are not aware but there is a difference between dehydrated and dry skin. For starters dry skin means your skin is lacking oil and dehydrated skin means your skin is lacking water. We'll discuss what dry skin means, how to treat it, what SheaBliss Natural products we would recommend, and how to care for your skin.

Dry skin... What is it?

You may have dry skin because your epidermis (the outermost layer of your skin) is lacking in moisture. It is possible to develop dry skin on any part of the body. Having dry sensitive skin can make your skin become itchy and easily irritated, thereby becoming more vulnerable.

When the skin dries out, it can no longer perform at its best. Dry skin can manifest in various forms, it can cause your skin to become irritated, inflamed,  flaky or itchy. Keeping oneself hydrated is vital. The best way to maintain healthy skin is to drink plenty of water and use the right skincare products.

Finding a skin care regimen for dry skin that doesn't strip it of its natural moisture is essential. It's also important to remember the skin on your face is exposed to the elements and the environment more than the rest of your body.

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Why do you have dry skin

Several factors can lead to dry skin. Even though some people have naturally dry skin, external factors such as the weather, diet, hard water, harsh soaps, aging, and hormonal changes can all contribute to dry skin.

Anyone can suffer from dry skin. In spite of the fact that you have oily skin, you can still experience dry skin. People with a history of eczema are also more likely to have dry skin. If you or a member of your family has a history of eczema or allergic contact dermatitis, your chances of developing these conditions increase.

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How to treat dry skin

Dry skin can be treated using various methods such as using changing your established routines - moisturisers, increasing water intake, using gentle/ mild soaps... etc

Step 1

Check Ingredients

We recommend you always check product ingredients. The ingredient you up on your face and body are very important to their health. Dry skin is known to be sensitive, hence you mustn't irritate it more. Use products that hydrate, nourish, and are made using mild ingredients.

SheaBliss Natural unscented products is made using all natural ingredients. 

Step 2

Create a Routine

Creating a routine can help treat and prevent reoccurring dry skin. How you start your day and end your day can make a big difference in the health of your skin. We recommend you start your day with water and a highly nourishing moisturiser. Our best selling unscented whipped butter absorbs easily and locks in moisture for all day hydration. For this reason it will make a great addition to your morning routine.

Face morning routine: your morning routine should include a gentle cleanser, toner and hydrating moisturiser.

Face night routine: gentle makeup remover, toner, overnight moisturiser or mask.

Body care routine: Is vital to keep your body hydrated, keeping your routine simple will help making it easy to stick to. This routine is easy to follow: cleanse your body using a gentle shower cream or soap. Moisturise dry, sensitive skin  with our Unscented whipped butter, Unscented Shea Oil or Unrefined Raw Shea Butter.  Our Unscented Shea butter, or Natural Shea Butter Cream are made using organic Shea butter. All the ingredients are natural and dry and sensitive skin-friendly. Our Shea products will intensely nourish dry skin from your face, lips, and body. Apply right after a shower/bath for all-day hydrated nourished skin.

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