Is Shea Butter Comedogenic

Non - Comedogenic Characteristic of Shea butter 

Are you an individual who is passionate about her beauty? Could it be that you have been seeking to learn more about natural beauty products? Did we hear you say yes to either of the questions? We are glad that you have landed on just the right page.

We'll discuss the non-comedogenic characteristics of Shea butter. Our desire is that you learn more to gain deeper insight on the matter. That way, you will not only appreciate the subject deeper but also make more informed purchasing decisions thereafter.


What does ‘comedogenic’ mean

‘Comedogenic’ refers to the ability of a substance to block the pores of the skin. If and when this happens, the substance prevents your skin from breathing freely and worsens acne. In doing that, it influences the skin to the risks of sweat and difficulty in keeping the skin clean.

What is the Comedogenic Scale of Shea butter

It is a basis for measuring the likelihood that the active ingredients in the beauty products such as butter and oil may clog the pores. This scale ranges from 0 through to 5; with 0 being the least comedogenic while 5 being the most comedogenic substance.

Generally, persons who are prone to acne and blackheads are better advised to stay away from comedogenic substances (those whose rankings near 5) while those with drier skins ought to prefer those products within the middle of the scale (2.5, give or take).

Is Shea butter comedogenic

NO, it is not! Its comedogenic rating is 0; implying that its active ingredients are unlikely to clog the pores and bring about the undesirable consequences we have already talked about. Because of this, Shea butter may be used on sensitive skins that are more likely to experience acne or blackheads.

Skincare benefits of Shea Butter

We'll discuss the skincare benefits you stand to accrue by placing your bet on Shea butter

Rich and luxurious texture

  • This beauty product has a rich and luxurious texture. When applied onto the skin, it tends to make the skin supple and devoid of any cracks as is the norm with most alternatives. If you experience some dry skin from to time? Set your eyes on the Shea butter!

Great for skin-related disorders

  • Shea butter is also curative in the sense that it may cure or reverse a couple of skin disorders. Examples of these are blackheads, acne, scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. By choosing to apply it to your skin, you get to enjoy healthier and more presentable skin appearances.

 Useful alongside other oils

  • Its original formulation is very thick and viscous. Because of this, it is possible for you to mix Shea butter with other leading essential oils such as almond oil, grapeseed oil and coconut oil. Through this arrangement, it is possible for you to reap more benefits from Shea butter.

Nourishes the skin

  • Its formulation comprises higher levels of vitamins and mineral contents. These have the resultant capability of nourishing the skin. The high levels of vitamins and minerals content of Shea butter helps to prevent the skin from drying and also work extra hard to preserve the moisture contents of the skin indefinitely. Your skin therefore appears shinier and youthful for longer.

 Smooths and softens the skin 

  • The product also smooths and softens your skin. This is brought about by the combination of the enhanced moisture contents, reduced incidence of cracking, and excellent nourishment to the skin. Particularly, the item reduces flaking and the ghastly appearances that come along thereafter. Go for it hence for your youthful skin. Shea butter can also be used for hair. By you choosing Shea butter you enjoy much more than what you purchased Shea butter for. 


With the kinds of deeper insights we have given, we are now confident that you have the preparedness you need to appreciate Shea butter better. As we have explained Shea butter is a great skin and haircare substance. You want to prioritize it for your body’s beauty needs.

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