Eye Bags and Dark Circles - How to reduce and hide

What are Eye bags?

Dark circles are not the same as eye bags. Simply put, eye bags are puffy bags under your eyes. Swelling due to water retention can cause eye bags. The movement of fatty tissue from under the eyes to the front can also cause it. 
Staying up too late or eating salty foods can cause water retention.

What are Dark circles?

Because the blood vessels beneath your eyes are more visible, the skin under your eyes may appear darker. Melanocytes are smart skin cells that produce melanin, a dark brown pigment that absorbs and scatters UV rays to protect skin cells. This is known as hyperpigmentation, and it can appear below our eyes as well as cause darker patches. All of them are relatively harmless, but we can reduce their visibility with some naturally inspired products and lifestyle ideas.

Eye bags and dark circles

Dark circles and Eye Bags : What causes them?

Puffy eyes are not the same as dark circles under the eyes. They can, however, be caused by the same thing. Both can be caused by genes that predispose you to have more pigmented skin around your eyes or fatty tissue that migrates to your under-eye area as you get older.
The retention of water under your eyes is another cause. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of both. For instance, get 8 hours of sleep every night, drink plenty of water, and eat fresh vegetables. We'll go over this in more depth later.

Causes of dark circles and eye bags

Dark circles and eyes bags can be caused by several things such as sleep deprivation, age, your diet, eye makeup, smoking and protection from the sun.

There are many ways to prevent under-eye bags. A healthy diet, plenty of sleep, and sun protection will help minimize the appearance of under-eye bags. As we age, the skin around our eyes can become thinner and less elastic. This causes puffiness and causes the area to appear darker. Other contributing factors are allergies, dehydration, and dry skin. Gravity can also contribute to under-eye puffiness.

The under-eye area is often neglected by many. As you age, your under-eye circulation becomes more vulnerable to fluid retention and the loss of elastin in the skin. As your eyes age, they also lose moisture. As you age, your skin becomes less supple and puffier, which makes them more noticeable. There are some cosmetics you can buy to make your eyes look brighter and more beautiful.

Both the appearance of dark circles and the appearance of eye bags can be caused by insufficient or irregular sleep. This is because if we don't get enough sleep, we can wake up with paler skin, which makes blood capillaries under the eyes more visible. When we're tired, our blood circulation slows and fluid accumulates under our eyes, making our eye bags appear larger and darker. So establish a regular bedtime routine that includes getting in bed well before midnight and turning off all electronic devices to avoid distractions.

dark circles and eye bags

How to reduce and hide dark circles and eye bags

Sleep deprivation

  • Hiding dark circles and eye bags is easy once you know how to make them less noticeable. The first thing to do is to sleep at least eight hours a night. This will allow gravity to do its work and reduce fluid under your eyes. You can also sleep on your stomach or side. These positions will also help your skin to breathe better and reduce fluid under your eyes.


  • Another way to hide dark circles and eye bags is to protect your eyes from the sun. As we age, the skin around our eyes weakens and loses elastin and moisture. The fat shifts to the lower eyelids, creating the appearance of dark circles and bags. If you have these problems, consult your dermatologist. The best way to treat these issues is to treat them as soon as possible. To avoid this, make sure you apply a high-SPF sunscreen before leaving the house.

Reduce alcohol

  • One way to reduce dark circles and eyebags is to limit alcohol. These habits can help reduce the amount of fluid in your eyes. Getting enough sleep is a must. Having a healthy diet and limiting alcohol intake are important to reduce the amount of water in your eyes. It is important to protect your eye area from UV rays to avoid puffiness and dark bags.

Reduce caffeine intake

  • One method to reduce dark circles and eye bags is to drink a cup of caffeinated tea. Green tea contains antioxidants and helps to reduce fluid retention. It also increases blood flow in the under-eye area. Taking care of the skin will also help you hide dark circles and eye bags. There are other ways to hide dark circles and eyebags. You can try different types of cosmetics.

Makeup remover

  • You can also use makeup remover to conceal the dark circles and eyebags. You can apply creams or gels to cover dark circles. You can even apply them to your cheeks. It is essential to wear sunscreen every time you are outdoors, as it can lead to dark under-eye bags. This method will also help you get the right sleep. When you have less sleep, your eyes will remain puffier than they normally are.


  • You can hide dark circles and eye bags with concealer. The under-eye area is often the most difficult to cover, and makeup will help you hide the imperfections. This technique will also help to conceal under-eye dark circles and eye bags. Aside from concealing under-eye puffiness, a good under-eye treatment will help you hide your bags and sagging skin.
  • To hide dark circles and eye bags, you can apply creams and gels. The most popular creams are those that can reduce redness and puffiness and dark circles. You can also apply makeup to cover the bags and reduce the dark circles. Moreover, it will help you hide the eyebags and dark circles. In addition to concealing the bags, you can also try masks and lotions to help with your eyes.
  • A good undereye concealer has a lot of benefits for your face. For instance, it can help to reduce puffiness and minimize dark undereye bags. You can also apply concealer on the areas that are more visible, such as your cheekbones. Besides, it can help you to hide your under-eye dark circles and eye bags. The right under-eye makeup will conceal the bags and minimize their appearance.

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