Can I use Shea oil for my baby?

Shea oil can be used for babies. We recommend you use our Unscented Shea Oil for babies and pregnant women.

Can I apply Shea Oil on my hair?

Our Shea oil is 100% natural and are suitable for hair, skin and nails.

I have dry skin, what products do you recommend?

All our products highly moisturising and work brilliantly on dry skin. Our unscented whipped butter, butter cream and Shea oil are lightweight, fast absorbing and very hydrating.

How long do products stay fresh for?

Our products are made using only premium natural ingredients. They have a shelf life of 3 years. Make sure the products are stored away from direct sunlight and heat.

Can I add scents/ fragrances to your unscented Shea oil?

Yes, you can add fragrances and scent to our unscented Shea oil. We do however stock scented oils.