Shea Butter and Pregnancy

Why you should use Shea Butter during Pregnancy 

One of the benefits of using Shea butter during pregnancy is its versatility. It can be used on hair and skin, but it is best to use unrefined raw Shea butter. This nourishing butter has many uses. It can be applied to the breasts, skin, and hair to reduce sensitivity. The application of Shea butter twice a day or more provides extra moisture and helps to prevent stretch marks.

Unrefined Raw Shea butter SheaBliss Natural

While pregnancy is a time of change for a woman's body, it can also be an opportunity to relieve pain in many parts of her body. The skin is stressed and the growing baby causes it to stretch and tear. You can use shea butter to help relieve the discomfort and keep your skin smooth and supple. You can also massage it on achy feet to help them feel better. This will help reduce itchiness and swelling and will help you sleep well.

During pregnancy, a woman's body goes through unique changes. Many women are left with scars from pregnancy. It is possible to use unnatural methods to reduce scars, but these methods are expensive, difficult to keep up with, and can pose risks to the mother-to-be. Luckily, there are natural ways to reduce these risks. Shea butter is one of those safest options.

Shea butter and Pregnancy SheaBliss Natural

Different uses of Shea Butter 

Shea butter is an effective moisturizer. It helps reduce the itching of the growing baby and the bump. Its creaminess and magic are hard to resist. You can even have your husband massage it onto your feet. A foot soak with shea butter will help soothe your achy feet. It is an excellent way to ease swelling and relieve pain from foot aches. It's also a great way to keep your body supple and hydrated during pregnancy.

Because Shea butter is made from natural sources, it has no additives or chemicals. It is also a good substitute for expensive and risky procedures. If you're pregnant, Shea butter can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and prevent them altogether.

Benefits of Shea Butter during Pregnancy

The benefits of Shea butter use during pregnancy are well-known.

  • It can soothe and moisturize skin.
  • You can add Shea butter to your regular moisturizer to improve its effects. You can even add it to your favorite moisturizer if you'd prefer.
  • You can use Shea butter during pregnancy to treat stretch marks and keep your skin moisturized. A few teaspoons of it applied three times daily will reduce the risk of getting stretch marks.

Shea butter and Pregnancy  SheaBliss Natural

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