Benefits & Uses of Shea Oil

Shea Oil benefits for Hair and Skin

Shea Oil is a luxurious super hydrating light weight oil; with high contents of fatty acids. It can be applied directly to skin and hair. As a daily moisturizer, Shea Oil works magic on dry skin we advice you apply twice a day for very dry skin. 

For hair treatment Shea Oil can be used as a pre-treatment before shampooing. As a pre-treatment before shampooing Shea Oil helps to maintain moisture in hair and protect your hair.  It can also be added to your overnight hair treatments or stream treatments. 

Using a natural oil such as SheaBliss Natural Shea Oil, you know you are using the best product to provide maximum benefit to your hair and skin instead of causing damage to it. 

Healthy Skin and Hair


 Why Shea Oil

Shea butter comes from the Shea fruit, which is a type of tree native to Africa. When Shea fruit is cultivated, the oil it produces is used as an all-natural moisturizer. As a result, it's also great for healing damaged, dry, or itchy scalp and helps with everything from dandruff to psoriasis. Treatments of Shea Oil can include protection against heat, cold, and even sun damage.

Not only does Shea Oil contain vitamin E, which moisturizes the skin. It contains a special type of fatty acid called linoleic acid. This acid is very similar to the nutrient omega-3, Linoleic acid is vital for regulating the production of sebum, the skin's natural oil. 


 Try our Shea Oil and you'll be blow away by the amazing results. Available in 200 ml and 250 ml. We highly recommend our Unscented Shea Oil for hair care.

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