SheaBliss Natural

Luxurious Deluxe Shea Basket


Treat yourself or someone special with our Luxurious Deluxe basket.

Nourish your skin and smell amazing with our Luxurious Body Butter, Butter Cream and Body Oil.

Our Luxurious Oud, Sweet Orange and Lemongrass Body Butters, Butter Creams and Body Oils, provide all day hydration.

Handcrafted using premium grade unrefined Shea Butter and the purest quality Shea Oil. Our Body Butters, Butter Creams and Body Oils leave your skin feeling nourished, moisturised, looking healthy and smelling fabulous.

A perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

  • Lemongrass Body Butter                      150ml
  • Sweet Orange Body Butter                   150ml
  • Oud Body Butter                                     150ml
  • Lemongrass Shea Oil                             200ml
  • Sweet Orange Shea Oil                          200ml
  • Oud Shea Oil                                            200ml
  • Sweet Orange Butter Cream                 50ml

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