Natural, Organic and Plant based - African Black Soap

Natural Properties of African Black Soap

African Black soap is a natural soap made in West Africa from the ashes and dried peels of locally-harvested plants. The soap has a distinctive dark colour, and is used by many.

African black soap does not contain lye, it is gentle and suitable for most skin types. This natural soap is fragrance-free and can be used on both the face and body. It also contains Shea butter and oil, which help to balance the pH of your skin. It locks in moisture to improve your complexion.

African black soap is effective for both oily and dry skin, and can also control excessive oil production in those with acne. Since it contains plant-derived oils, African soap is a great choice for those with sensitive skin and those allergic to certain additives. It also contains no lye, which is a harsh chemical that can damage your skin's biological barrier. This soap is also known to be effective for acne-prone skin and can be applied directly to the face.


African Black Soap - Sheabliss Natural

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